Apology Letter for Mistake at Work (Sample 2)

By | April 15, 2015

Fretting about the mistake you made at work? Well, fretting won’t help – making an effort to resolve the problem will. What can you possibly do to undo your mistake? You might not be able to do much to undo it but what can you do is apologize for your mistake, so that the repercussions are not as heavy as they would be otherwise.

Simply saying sorry may not cut it – you will have to put it in writing and admit that you made a mistake and that you are willing to do anything to make amends for it. Let’s face it – your mistake may cost you your job so you have to be careful how you handle things at work. Reiterate the circumstances that led to the mistake – think, could you have done things another way and avoid making an error? If your answer is yes, you have more than half the problem solved!

It is time to write an apology letter to your boss or colleague who may be at the receiving end of your mistake. Say you are sorry in the nicest of ways. Explain why you did what you did and suggest ways of making amends. By admitting that you were wrong is half the battle won.

Here is a sample apology letter for a mistake at work that you may want to look at:


Sample Apology Letter for Mistake at Work


April 15, 2015

Mr. Rupert Frost
Investment Manager
Harvest Gear
627 Ledgewood Drive
Taylorsville, UT 62638


Dear Mr. Frost:

I am writing in reference to the debacle that took place at the trading floor yesterday. As you know, I ended up trading the wrong stock for Mr. Thomas William which will have a substantial effect on his account 3 days from now – as per the clearing schedule. While I could blame the extreme pressure that the stock market was going through yesterday and its effect on me, I take full blame for the error as I should have been able to work under stress.

Mr. William has not been informed of this error yet as he was incommunicable yesterday. Since we have 3 days before the error will show up on his statement, I suggest that we correct it as soon as possible. Of course, Mr. William will have to be informed before I trade on his behalf. Please note that if this can be done, I am willing to take the brunt of the difference in stock prices, which may be deducted from my salary.

I am truly apologetic for this mayhem and vow to be more careful in the future, by employing extreme checks and balances for every trade that I indulge in. Thank you for understanding and being supportive during these dire circumstances.



Kanye Brown
Harvest Gear
627 Ledgewood Drive
Taylorsville, UT 62638