Apology Letter to Employer for Misconduct

By | May 9, 2015

Most companies have a zero tolerance policy where misconduct is concerned. Indulging in rude behavior is simply not acceptable, no matter what position you are working on and how long you have worked for a company. While many companies take strict action against an employee who has not conducted himself well – which may even mean terminating their employment – some may provide some leeway, such as a chance to say sorry.

If you are lucky enough to be working for a company that may provide flexibility even after you have not been, let’s say nice, it is time to say sorry. But a verbal apology hardly has the same impact as a written one. Writing an apology letter is what you have to do.

Your apology letter cannot be an ordinary one. No way! It has to be something that shows your heartfelt misery at what you have done and how desperate you are to make amends. It should also outline a game plan that you intend to undertake, to make sure a similar incident is not repeated. You will have to wrack your brains for the right words to use when penning down an apology letter. You may also want to pinpoint the barriers of conduct within which you intend to stay.

Here is an apology letter (for misconduct on an employee’s part) written to an employer:


Apology Letter to Employer for Misconduct


May 6, 2015

Mr. Jacob Mason
Director Marketing
Global Industrial
9 Meadowglen Road
Indianapolis, IN 28374


Dear Mr. Mason:

I have spent a major part of yesterday regretting how I reacted at the project proposal given by Ms. Janice Render at the marketing meeting yesterday. My reaction was untamed, sudden and without the benefit of weighing the consequences, for which I am extremely sorry.

There really is no way that I can undo the damage that transpired yesterday, but I would like to make amends for it as much as possible. I have contacted Ms. Render and apologized to her as well – she seems to be taking it in her stride and isn’t too upset about it, which is kind of her.

To make sure that such an event does not take place again, I intend to take measures to keep my emotions in control and not let my sentiments overpower my good sense. My loyalties have always been with Global Industrial and I would never intentionally try to harm the company or the people who represent it.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for yesterday’s incident and my promise not to let a similar incident occur again.



Kylie Cooper
Marketing Manager
Global Industrial
Tel: (999) 999-9999