How to Apologize for Gross Misconduct

By | September 2, 2016

Misconduct at the workplace is never tolerated. And if it happens, an apology is expected. If an apology isn’t provided, there is a great chance for disciplinary action being taken against the person who has been involved in the misconduct. If you have been involved in something that is considered gross misconduct, you must apologize immediately.

Depending on what you have done specifically, an apology letter needs to be written accordingly. Deliberate acts of violence or hostility, disregard for other people’s safety and attempts to financially defraud a company are considered some of the common forms gross misconduct.

A worker / employee who has indulged in gross misconduct – whether intentionally or mistakenly – must send in a letter to apologize. The letter will be addressed to either the person against whom the misconduct was appropriated or to a manager, depending on the specific situation. Either way, you need to use an apologetic tone, offer an explanation and say you are sorry.


Gross Misconduct Apology Letter Sample  


Frederica Simmons
524 Pine Street West
Philadelphia, PA 74244
(000) 854-6322
Fred.sim @ email . com

September 2, 2016
Mr. Bill Yates
Marketing Officer
Environmental Data Systems
8 Willow Road
Philadelphia, PA 19452


Dear Mr. Yates:

Please accept my apologies for the seemingly gross misconduct that you felt was directed at you, during the marketing meeting yesterday. My remark about skin color must have seemed racist but I assure you that I didn’t mean for it to sound as bad as it did. In fact, I didn’t mean to discriminate at all – I was merely trying to prove a point.

Since the meeting yesterday, I have been constantly thinking about what I said, and feeling guilty. You are an amazing person to not pay it much heed but I understand that my remarks must have hurt you, even though you were too gracious to show your emotions. There should never be any reason for misconduct of this sort and I certainly do not promote racism.

I have always admired you for your amazing approach to work and your personable attitude and would never intentionally do anything to hurt you. Please allow me to make it up to you somehow, while remaining within the protocol of official practices. I hope that you can forgive me for hurting you and that we can begin anew.



Frederica Simmons