Sorry Letter for not Acting Correctly

By | June 13, 2019

Workplaces are often volatile, with many people under great work pressure.

While appropriate behavior is an absolute must, there are times when one crosses the line.

If such a thing has happened to you, you must write an apology letter to your colleague or supervisor, in order to tell them how sorry you are for not acting correctly.

In such kind of a sorry letter, your concentration should be on the main reason why you behaved a certain way.

While there really is no reason that anyone should misbehave, if you have, you must offer an explanation.

Be very exact, and highlight the main reason you behaved in a certain manner.

Keep it short and sweet. And then move on to saying what measures you’ve taken so that such a problem does not arise again.

When writing an apology letter for not behaving correctly, you must keep your tone polite. Here is a sample sorry letter for not acting correctly for you to go through:

Sorry Letter for not Acting Correctly

Mr. Simon Peal
Marketing Manager
Ace Manufacturing Company
37 89th Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 46031

Dear Mr. Peal:

This is with reference to the incident that took place during the meeting last Monday. I understand that my behavior was not appreciated, as I spoke out of line, and my words were not exactly kind. Please accept my apologies.

The agenda of the meeting was quite close to me. While I do not want to offer any excuses to justify my bad behavior, I would like to say that adversity that I received from certain people at the table motivated me to act as I did. However, I do understand that no matter what happens, one has to follow certain official protocols, which I clearly negated. And I am ready to accept the consequences of my actions.

Owing to extreme work stress, specifically on the project that was being discussed at the meeting, I flew off the handle. Now that I look back, I see that I could have handled the situation in a different way, without causing too much hostility. I will ensure that I measure the cons of jumping to conclusions in future liaison with my peers and supervisors.

I will also make sure to keep my temper in check in the future. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to mend the damage that I made due to my incorrect behavior. I assure you that a similar incident will not transpire from my end again.


Frank Buffay