Letter of Appreciation for Good Customer Service

By | October 19, 2014

Letters of appreciation can be written from two points of view, i.e., the customer’s and the manager’s.

The latter usually makes his appreciation known through emails and memos but may at times write a personal letter of appreciation to a subordinate who for instance, provided exceptional customer services.


Much more common are letters of appreciation from customers who have received services they were not expecting or were entirely awed by.

A letter of appreciation generally contains information about a particular incident or a series of events in which a company representative went out of his way to help a customer.

Customers may feel that an employee deserves formal recognition, and they oblige by writing one.

If you think that you have been provided with outstanding customer services, take out a little time to write a few paragraphs of gratitude!


Appreciation is a great motivator; you never know what a few words of gratitude can do for the person in question. It may motivate him to work better than he already is and even makes him eligible for a promotion or commendation from a manager.

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If you are stumped for ideas on how to write a letter of appreciation for excellent customer services you have received, you can take ideas from the following sample.


Good Customer Service Appreciation Letter Sample


June 7, 2019

Mr. Curt Cobain
Manager Customer Services
Haley’s Technical Solutions
5589 Bingo Avenue
Baltimore, MD 71110


Dear Mr. Cobain:

I have been an avid customer of Haley’s Technical Services for the past ten years and have been quite satisfied by the technical solutions provided to me over the years. However, one recent instance has led me to be more vocal about how I feel regarding the services provided to me.

Last Tuesday, I called the customer services helpline to acquire assistance with what I thought was a bug in my system. I was greeted by Mr. Kyle Greystone, who I believe is a recent addition to your customer services team. Initially, he tried helping me through traditional ways which did not prove to be much help. When he had exhausted his options, he asked me to call back while he checked connections at his end. I was sure that I would have to talk to a different representative when I called back and was dreading providing all the details once again when I received a callback.

Mr. Greystone had taken only half an hour to work diligently on finding out why my system was misbehaving. He apologized because the problem was at the company’s end and he worked tirelessly with me for the next hour and a half. Explaining things over the telephone to a technically challenged individual like me cannot be easy, but he did not complain once or lose patience.

I believe that Haley’s Technical Services is extremely lucky to have people like Mr. Greystone working for it. I am sure that the training you provided to him played a significant role in how he dealt with me last week and I am very appreciative of that. Not only was Mr. Greystone polite, but he was also very professional in how he dealt with me, and I could see by the way he talked that he was a polished individual – both personally and professionally.

I am not just satisfied but thrilled with the service that was provided to me and look forward to dealing with your company again.



Matt Daemon
Customer ID: HTS-8897
Tel: (111) 111-1111