Administrative Assistant Reference Letter Sample

By | October 20, 2014

Reference letters written for administrative assistants are usually focused on the candidates’ organizational and communication skills and their ability to work in varied work environments.

A letter of this type is explicitly written to provide an ex-employee with an opportunity to work in a similar capacity in another organization.


Reference letters focus on candidates’ good points – facts of character and skills that will eventually help them in obtaining subsequent positions elsewhere.

When writing a reference letter for an administrative assistant, it is imperative to put facts in front of you.

Has the candidate achieved something that proved to be beneficial to the company?

What are the candidate’s transferable skills?


Did he manage to smooth out administrative processes at the company?

Answers to all these questions are bound to help you write a true-sounding and detailed reference letter for this position.

Typically, a reference letter is required by new employers to gauge what a new employee or a prospective one is capable of doing.

Here is a reference letter sample for an administrative assistant that should give you an idea of how to compose one.


Administrative Assistant Reference Letter Example


June 7, 2019


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Sally Hope for an Administrative Assistant position. Sally was hired as an intern in 2012 at Burax Corporation and quickly made her way up to a permanent administrative assistant position.

As her supervisor, I can safely state that her work title does not accurately describe the contribution she has made to the company beginning from the time she joined as an intern.

Since we were starting our new branch in Denver, the entire office was going through a rough teething period. Sally made things easier by independently managing office duties and creating staff schedules. Her planning abilities often left the staff in awe as she always kept in mind staff members’ after-hours activities before creating schedules. She kept the customers informed of new developments owing to her exceptional communication skills and the interest she showed in every aspect of the business.

As the official face of the company, Sally was one of the most popular staff members at Burax Corporation. Her ability to handle needs assessments for prospective clients and head seminars kept much load off of the management’s back. Due to her eager nature, she enthusiastically took over additional responsibilities and was able to meet her deadlines despite the workload.

I hope that this letter will help Sally obtain a position that can take advantage of the many capabilities that she has. I am sorry to see her leave the company but wish her success for anything that she chooses to do in the future. If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



William Cartel
Burax Corporation
(555) 555-5555
william.cartel @ email . com