Letter of Acknowledgement for a Job Well Done

When someone under your command does an exceptional job at something, and you want to encourage that behavior, then you should write a letter to acknowledge a job well done. It may seem like just a letter and won’t accomplish anything; however, acknowledging good performance at work does a lot in the long run for… Read More »

Job Well Done Recognition Letter to Employee

If you are a manager and you find a certain behavior or standard of work really good then to make sure it occurs more often, some sort of positive reinforcement needs to be put into place. It doesn’t always have to be a bonus or a raise; in fact, sometimes just a simple pat on… Read More »

Job Well Done Recognition Letter Sample to Team

Appreciating people for good work is called positive reinforcement. If one wants to promote good work, then little things like “job well done” letters, and giving out bonuses can go a long way. When a team does their work better than expected then at the very least they deserve a letter of appreciation. Unfortunately, it’s… Read More »

Sample Appreciation Letter to Employee for Honesty

Appreciating someone in person is such a great feeling – especially for the person who is being appreciated. But imagine receiving an actual old-fashioned letter that speaks volumes for your contribution to a project or the company. How would that make you feel? Awesome is the word! So why not make an employee feel good… Read More »

Letter of Appreciation for Good Customer Service

Letters of appreciation can be written from two points of view – the customer’s and the manager’s. The latter usually makes his appreciation known through emails and memos but may at times write a personal letter of appreciation to a subordinate who for instance, provided exceptional customer services. Much more common are letters of appreciation… Read More »