Authorization Letter to Use Company Vehicle

By | July 26, 2016

It is not uncommon for companies to allow employees to use company vehicles, especially for business purposes. Sometimes, an organization might even be alright with an employee with using a company vehicle for personal use. However, there is no way that an employee can simply walk in and drive out with a vehicle that does not belong to him. There are certain procedures that an employee needs to follow if he requires access to a company vehicle.

One of the main procedures is permission. Once you have acquired permission to use a company car or van from an authorized person within the organization, it is time for you to make things official. When you go to pick up the vehicle, there is a rare chance that the person responsible for the vehicles will just hand it over to you. He or she will need an authorization letter from the person who has given you permission to use it. An authorization letter is usually addressed to the specific person who is responsible for handing out the vehicle. He or she will then verify the contents of the letter and assign a car, van or truck according to what the employee is looking for or requires in terms of transportation.

Different scenarios require authorization letters to be written in different ways. Authorization letters are usually short and to the point. What follows is an example of an authorization letter given by a person of authority to an employee:


Authorization Letter to Use Company Vehicle


July 26, 2016

Ms. Lucy Raymond
Fleet Manager
Sage Hospitality Services
390 Charles Avenue
Portsmouth, VA 10009


Dear Ms. Lucy:

Mr. David Sobers (Managing Director, Sage Hospitality Services) has authorized Ms. Amanda Folk to use the one of the Lexus IS 300hs on your fleet. The authorization period will commence on 7/26/2016 and will terminate on 9/26/2016 during which she will be driving the vehicle for business purposes exclusively.

As the company contract (enclosed) indicates, Sage Hospitality Services will be responsible for all fueling and maintenance needs of the vehicle during this time. Please refer below for Ms. Amanda Folk’s details for your record purposes:

Authorized Borrower: Amanda Folk
Address: 441 Fulton Road
Portsmouth, VA 19773
Tel: (000) 475-1244

Please have arrangements for the above-mentioned vehicle to be delivered to the address provided, and ensure that a receipt is obtained for the same. If there are any additional questions or requirements, please feel free to contact me at (000) 201-6321.




Emma Dahl
Administrative Assistant
Sage Hospitality Services