Sample Demand Letter for Vehicle Damage

By | January 21, 2015

Have you found yourself in a situation in which the aftermath of a vehicular accident threatens to put a great dent in your pocket? After you have thanked your lucky stars for the accident not doing you any bodily harm, it is time to tackle another important matter – demand settlement for the damage done to your vehicle.

Assuming that you were not at fault, you can write a demand letter to the person who was responsible for damaging your car. In your letter, you should chart out the details of the accident – of course, the other party will know what happened but you need to mention it anyway as your letter may be used as an informal tool in a court of law later on. Your letter should be addressed to the insurance company and copied to the perpetrator, unless otherwise stated by your lawyer.

Your letter should detail how much damage was done to your vehicle and how much the perpetrator’s company needs to pay to cover the damages. If possible, enclose photographs of the damaged vehicle and a note from the assessor. If you are still unsure of how to write a demand letter, here is a sample that can help you.


Sample Demand Letter for Vehicle Damage


January 21, 2015

Mr. Simon King
Claims Adjuster
Risk Free Insurance Company
8912 SE 212th Street
Kent, WA 81927


Dear Mr. King:

This is with reference to an accident instigated by your insurer, Mr. Gregory Peck on January 11, 2015, on the cross-section of 119th and 121st Avenue. Mr. Peck ran a red light and smashed his SUV into my sedan, causing it to swerve and hit a nearby lamppost.

As you can see from the enclosed photographs, my car has been severely damaged from the front. Please refer to the note from my assessor (also enclosed) which clearly states that an expense of $590 will be incurred on repairing it. Given below are details of the damages and incurred expenses for your reference:

Front Bumper Replacement: $120
Grill Replacement: $100
Radiator Replacement: $300
Labor: $70

Please note that the statute of limitations requires me to file a suit owing to the extent of the damage done to my vehicle, within two months from the date of the accident. I would appreciate it if you would settle this amount in full within 14 days of receipt of this letter.


Best Regards,

Shaun Grunge
778 212th Street
Kent, WA 71635
Tel: (333) 333-3333