Apologize Letter to Boss for Mistake

By | November 6, 2014

So now that you have made a mistake at work, it is time to turn things around. How do you ask? Through an apology letter of course!

Believe it or not, an apology letter can make things better for you at your workplace even though it may not correct whatever happened.

Merely saying sorry to your boss for a mistake that you made may not suffice. It is easy to say sorry verbally, and people do not usually pay much heed to verbal apologies. However, an apology letter will communicate to your boss that you thought about your mistake and repented enough to want to put it down on paper.

Apology letters may be of different types; you want to write one to apologize for a mistake that you have been reprimanded for or one that the boss does not know of yet. In the latter case, your apology letter will also pose as a confession letter. Whatever the matter is, an apology letter should be to the point in detailing information of what happened – and how you intend to make amends for it. It is not a good idea to come across as defensive in your apology letter because that will defeat the purpose of the letter altogether.

The following letter will tell you how you can apologize to your boss for making a mistake:


Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Mistake


August 9, 2018

Mr. Jay Keaton
Manager Accounting
Fruit of the Loom Inc.
773 Courtyard Boulevard
Sun City Center, FL 33658


Dear Mr. Keaton:

Please accept my genuine apologies for my unfortunate outburst regarding the new financial policies at the annual meeting of the accounting department yesterday. My actions were inappropriate and lacked professionalism that Fruit of the Loom Inc. would have expected of me and I am truly ashamed.

While I cannot change what transpired yesterday, I assure you that it will not happen again as I have taken specific measures to ensure it doesn’t. I understand that the team members were discussing a very sensitive topic and I should have let decision makers handle the situation as they would deem appropriate.

I have been a part of Fruit of the Loom Inc. under your supervision for seven years, and I value our professional relationship highly. I firmly believe that despite the unpleasant incident yesterday, we will continue to work as a team so that we can collectively work towards the company’s progress and our customers’ satisfaction.



Heather Graham
Accounts Assistant
Fruit of the Loom Inc.