Leave Request Email to Manager for Cousin Marriage

By | November 6, 2014

Most companies have procedures in place that govern how an employee can take time off. There is usually a form that you need to fill out in which you can just tick the appropriate box for your reason of leave. For companies that do not offer this privilege, you will need to write a request email or letter to ask for a leave.

Requesting for a leave requires you to give specific information of why you want to take time off, how long you will be away from work (give dates) and how you intend to minimize the effect your absence will have on your work.

Before you begin writing an email to request a leave, figure out the logistics. Ask a colleague to fill in for you while you are away and see if there is some work that you may be able to take with you. If you are requesting a leave for a cousin’s wedding, for instance, you will need to be very tactful as it might be considered as time off for entertainment.

Here is a sample email request for a leave for a cousin’s wedding that you can derive ideas from.


Leave Request Email to Manager for Cousin Marriage


To: Elizabeth Kruger

Subject: Leave Requisition

Dear Ms. Elizabeth:

I am writing to request leave from August 28 to September 1 (both days inclusive) for my cousin’s wedding which will be held at Ruskin. Since Ruskin is quite far away from Sun City Center (and the wedding ceremony is spanned over four days), I will not be able to make a short trip.

As per my employment contract, I have eight casual leaves available for this year which I can utilize for this purpose. I understand that the module of Project Core which I am working on needs my attention at this time and I would not want to compromise on the success of this project. Keeping this in mind, I have made arrangements to work 2 hours a day from Ruskin during the early hours while I am there. This will help me keep in touch with the progress of the project, and there will be no downtime either. My colleague Simon Page has graciously offered to take any queries and handle my clients during the time I am away. I believe this arrangement will work quite well for all of us.

I would appreciate it if you would grant me these four days off. I will be available at (999) 999-9999 if you need to contact me during the span of my leave. Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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Felicity Boris
Communications Officer
Mean & Hunt Inc.
(999) 888-0000