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Sample Thank you Letter to Donor for Large Donation

If your organization receives a funding of any kind, sending a thank you letter to the donor is essential! Research shows that while sending these letters, using these two significant ingredients will do the trick for you: 1- Timing, and 2- Content. As soon as you get a donation, especially if it’s a large one,… Read More »

Sample Donation Letter for Homeless

If you’re an organization working for the cause of helping the homeless, asking for donations and fundraising is a necessity to collect the capital needed or to cover the expenses. The first thing that you should do is to know to whom to send the letters, do your research to find prospective donors. Once you’ve… Read More »

Letter to a Grocery Store Asking for Donation

Little in this world gives more joy than that which giving gives. Your being here says you’re a kind, caring soul. So, before you scroll down to read more on how to write a letter to a grocery store asking them for donations, thank you for your generosity. If you have a success story, share… Read More »

Money Donation Request Letter Example

A lot of tact needs to be exercised when asking for a money donation from someone. Whether it is a company or an individual from whom you are requesting a donation, it is important to be to the point and give details of what the donated money will be used for. Well-drafted donation request letters… Read More »

Letter of Donation to Charity (Sample)

There is little that is more gratifying than sending money to a charity that you really believe in – or receiving it for one that you advocate. In either circumstances, you will need to write a letter to the concerned person – depending on which side of the table you are, you may want to… Read More »

Thank You for Donation Letter Sample

Once you have successfully acquired the donation you needed for a cause you are furthering, it is time to say thank you to the donor. It is often easy obtaining contributions from donors once you have explained the cause to them, but it is difficult to maintain a liaison with them once your work is… Read More »

Request for Donation Letter Sample

Obtaining funds for a particular cause or project may be one of the most important things that you have to do to ensure its success, but it is quite tricky. Convincing people or organizations to release money is challenging especially when your cause or project has an unknown success rate. The best way to request… Read More »