Sample Donation Letter for Homeless

By | January 16, 2017

If you’re an organization working for the cause of helping the homeless, asking for donations and fundraising is a necessity to collect the capital needed or to cover the expenses. The first thing that you should do is to know to whom to send the letters, do your research to find prospective donors.

Once you’ve found the right audience, make sure that the letter is formal. Keep it brief, simple and to-the-point! Share your mission statement, and explain to them how important a role they could play in lives, and how much these lives matter. Explain how they can help, and how much is needed, most donors are in a hurry, make it easier for them.

Here’s a sample donation letter for the homeless:


Sample Donation Letter for Homeless


January 16, 2017

Mr. Marcus Miller
1577 Cemetery Street
Oakland, CA 94612


Dear Mr. Miller:

Statistics show that about 2.3 million people of the world are homeless. This letter is in request to join our cause to help give the homeless a home, or at least the feeling of home.

We can’t possibly know what drove all these people to live on the streets, but we know each must have been through a terrible experience. Some of these homeless people are also our war heroes; veterans who had lived such horrors, that it became impossible for them to return to normal, or function in a society. Veterans or not, all lives matter, and while we may never be able to replace what the war, or other trauma back home, took from these people, at least we can try to preserve some of their dignity, and share what we can with them.

We at ABC Company, a nonprofit organization, with the mission to build shelters for the homeless, and provide clothing, medical aid, and counseling in the hopes of helping as many homeless as possible return to their real homes and families, and if they don’t have a home, build them one.

A dollar will go a long way to help fund daily provisions for the homeless in food, clothing and medical aid, and if you are able donate $500, it will help build a shelter for a homeless family. There’s no minimum to kindness, and the sky is the limit. No matter how small, your donation counts as a huge help, and will really make a difference!

If you decide to donate, with our heartfelt gratitude, we are happy to collect any goods you wish to donate, or you are welcome to drop-box or wire a monetary donation. Enclosed is a donor form, with contact information, aid options, and wiring instructions, along with self-addressed, postage-paid envelope, in case you wish to send a money order.

Thank you for your time and patience. We are really looking forward to your positive response.




Jane Wilson
Outreach Program Manager
ABC Company
47 Ave West
Oakland, CA 74511
(000) 547-5454