Sample Thank you Letter to Donor for Large Donation

By | January 16, 2017

If your organization receives a funding of any kind, sending a thank you letter to the donor is essential!

Research shows that while sending these letters, using these two significant ingredients will do the trick for you: 1- Timing, and 2- Content.

As soon as you get a donation, especially if it’s a large one, you should send your donor a thank you letter quickly, to strengthen the relationships with the donor, and so the letter should be written in a grateful manner, and transferring your passion for the cause to recipient. If using a template, personalize it as much as you can. Donors who receive wholehearted, sincere letters tend to send donations again. Show the donor how the funds are being used, make a vivid mission description, and thank them for all the help and generosity!

Here’s a sample:

Sample Thank you Letter to Donor for Large Donation


Nina Wilson
Director of Developments
Greater Future
(000) 547-8525
nina @ email . com

January 16, 2017

Mr. Aaron Samuels
1185 Heather Sees Way
Sallisaw, OK 74955


Dear Mr. Aaron:

All because of you, 200 homeless teens today are off the streets! On behalf of everyone here at Greater Future, thank you for donating $500,000 and saving all these tender-aged youth from freezing to death in the cold Chicago winter. Your donation helped us build two 100-room dorms, and provide warm clothes, blankets, hot meals and medicines.

Your generosity not only helped us, it inspired so many people from the community to follow suit, and we were able to gather enough funds to furnish and equip the shelters with all amenities to meet the needs of growing children. All because of you, 1400 children have a basketball court, books and tablets to learn from, and a place to call home. You have made so many young lives better, and inspired so many members of the community to give in turn, how can we thank you enough!

We have with the help of Good Samaritans like you managed to realize our dream of a Greater Future. We are fortunate to have you among our patrons, and are immensely grateful that you have opened the floodgates of charity from all over the country, with your heart-touching video, urging colleagues and fellow professionals to pitch in. This means a great deal to us and gives us hope that there will be, after all, a Greater Future.

As for Greater Future’s future plans, we are working on building a school and clinic on a property recently donated by the City of Chicago, adjacent to the shelters. In recognition of your generosity, our board of directors has decided to name the school the Aaron Samuels Center of Excellence, and put your name on our Champions of a Greater Future tribute wall, at our headquarters. We would be honored to present you with a shield at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Again, thank you for your kindness, the world needs more like you.




Nina Wilson