Christmas Letter from Teacher to Students

By | December 3, 2014

Where it was once scoffed upon for teachers to have any personal contact with their students, it is now commended especially where Christmas wishes are concerned. As an outreach initiative, teachers often write Christmas letters to their students – with consent from the school authorities – with the view of getting close to them on a personal level which will eventually help them out in an academic setting.

Since merely writing “Merry Christmas” will not fill the length of a page, it is a good idea to put in some more meaningful information which may have something to do with the holidays or a Christmas event. You could also wish your students and then put in some information on any special academic-related information for when school starts in January.

The following sample Christmas letter from a teacher to her students can be referred to for you to write your own.


Sample Christmas Letter from Teacher to Students


November 22, 2016


Dear Students:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I would like to extend my heartiest wishes for Christmas 2016. I was blessed to have you all students in my class – a class that is deemed the best in academics and sports by the administration of Lightbridge High School in the year 2016. I hope that the holidays are a festive time for you and your loved ones and that you return to school in January 2017 with further thirst for knowledge.

As you all know, Lightbridge High School is one of the sponsors for Kensington Charity which caters to homeless children. During the course of the time that you all have been at Lightbridge High School, the school administration has been advocating the spirit of charity. During the Christmas holidays, all volunteer teachers will be busy in raising funds for homeless children in an attempt to ensure that their Christmas is as happy as ours. If any of you would like to become part of these activities, please contact me directly so that I can induct you into the charity program in a formal manner.

You will need to submit your winter holiday homework within the second week of January 2016. So I advise that you pay special attention to your academic responsibility along with reveling in the festivities of Christmas and New Year. Tuesday, December 23, 2016 will be the last school day this year. I hope that the coming year will bring us all health, happiness and prosperity and that we continue to be number one as a class in 2017 as well.

Best regards,

Holly Hamilton
Class Teacher
8th Grade
Lightbridge High School
Tel: 333.222.0000