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Christmas Letter from Student to Teacher

‘Tis the season for selfless giving, Ugly sweaters and beautiful trimmings, For souls adorned with the joy of forgiving, For wreathes and garlands and love-filled stockings, For streets abloom with sweet sounding carols For tables abundant with puddings and stuffings. It’s Christmas! So bring out your pens and papers Let hearts be warmed with letters… Read More »

Christmas Party Letter to Employees

Christmas is not far away and the feeling of happiness and giving is palpable. Even at the workplace, the spirit of Christmas is high, with many people counting the days when the biggest event of the year will come! With everyone in such a festive mood, a corporate Christmas party is an absolute must. If… Read More »

Elementary School Christmas Party Craft Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, it is not only our homes that our creative minds are rearing to deck but also our classrooms. Whether you are an elementary school student or a teacher, the temptation to decorate the classroom is just too much. This is especially true if you have a Christmas party coming… Read More »

Christmas Party Letter to Parents (Sample 2)

Christmas is around the corner which can only mean one thing – PARTIES! School Christmas parties are very popular as they bring students together on a personal level (contrary to how they deal with each other in their predefined roles as students) and often involve parents too. Schools send out party invitations to parents to… Read More »

Christmas Letter from Teacher to Students – Sample 2

At the end of the year, there are at least two things that make the entire year worthwhile despite its adversities – Christmas and New Year! Since Christmas is such a festive time, many letters and cards do the rounds during this period. Teachers write Christmas letters to their students to extend wishes for the… Read More »

Letter to Parents from Teacher about Christmas Party

Overview Integrating young students into events and celebrations as part of their learning process is very important and what better occasion to do this than Christmas. Many schools organize Christmas parties not only because of the significance of Christmas but also because they want their students to thrive in a somewhat informal setting as well. Letters… Read More »

Letter to Parents about Christmas Play at School

Christmas is a popular time for annual school plays as it marks the end of an academic year. Many students spend endless hours preparing their roles for Christmas plays which are usually held a few weeks before Christmas. Christmas plays are usually organized for parents’ viewing; many students get to portray their acting talent through… Read More »

Class Christmas Party Letter to Parents

Many schools end an academic year by celebrating with a Christmas party. Since schools usually close down some time before December 25, Christmas parties are usually held in the week before or sometimes even two weeks earlier. Class Christmas parties are more popular in classes with young students – preschoolers or junior school students –… Read More »

Sample Christmas Party Letter to Parents

Christmas is the time to celebrate and these celebrations have as much meaning for children as they do for adults. Christmas parties mark the end of school and these parties bring in much in terms of festivities. Schools often ask parents to join their children in celebrating Christmas at school. Sending out Christmas party letters… Read More »

Christmas Letter from Teacher to Students

Where it was once scoffed upon for teachers to have any personal contact with their students, it is now commended especially where Christmas wishes are concerned. As an outreach initiative, teachers often write Christmas letters to their students – with consent from the school authorities – with the view of getting close to them on… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter to Teacher

Should you write a Christmas letter to your teacher? Of course, you should! Things have changed dramatically over the last few years. Where it was once considered too ‘fresh’ to write a letter to a teacher to wish her for anything, it is appreciated nowadays. A Christmas letter to your teacher can be both casual… Read More »

Sample Christmas Letter to Employees

It is the season to be jolly so why not be jolly along with the people who have served you relentlessly throughout the year, i.e., your employees! Everyone looks forward to Christmas not only for the holidays that they get but the overall Christmassy feeling we all have. If you can add another feel-good factor… Read More »