Christmas Letter Sample to Clients

By | November 7, 2014

Many people would wonder why it is essential to write a letter to wish Christmas to clients. Many of us would probably want to connect with our clients to celebrate the spirit that we feel at this time of the year. Businesses send out Christmas letters and cards to their clients for several reasons including to thank them for their patronage. You might argue why a Christmas letter would be used to acknowledge a client; any communication that you do with a client is an opportunity to thank them for their business.

A Christmas letter that you send to clients will include your greeting along with information of how long a company will stay closed for business. This way you will not have to write two separate letters to inform them about the holidays and wish them a happy Christmas. Letters written for this purpose can also be used to assure clients that you are thinking of them and will continue to provide them with a high level of service.

While companies take benefit of a standard letter addressed ‘dear customers’ when writing a Christmas letter, it is a good idea to take benefit from a mail merge application and send letters personally addressed to each client. Here is how you can write a Christmas letter to your clients.


Christmas Letter Sample for Clients


August 9, 2018

Mr. Richard Eden
736 Nathey Avenue
Niceville, FL 92837


Dear Mr. Eden:

This Christmas, let us extend our warm wishes to you and your family. We would like to thank you for your faith in us by providing us with many opportunities to serve you throughout the last ten years.

Our clients have been the essence of our work and it would not have been possible for Gary Co. to be where it is now without the support and loyalty of its clients. It is honestly a privilege to work with you; a privilege that we would like to enjoy for many years to come.

Our office will be closed from Christmas Eve to January 2. For any problems or urgent questions that you may have regarding your service during these days, you can call us at our hotline (333) 333-3333. We pray that this Christmas brings you all the joy and happiness that you deserve and that the New Year rings in with positive thoughts and vibes.

A very merry Christmas to you and a happy new year from Team Gary!


Sincere regards,


Gary Holden
Gary Co.
1028 Early Street
Niceville, FL 72925
(999) 888-9875
Gary @ email . com