Sample Christmas Letter to Employees

By | November 10, 2014

It is the season to be jolly so why not be jolly along with the people who have served you relentlessly throughout the year, i.e., your employees!

Everyone looks forward to Christmas not only for the holidays that they get but the overall Christmassy feeling we all have. If you can add another feel-good factor to this, you will make someone’s day!

Simply writing a Christmas letter to your employees can make them feel more connected to you than they have felt the entire year. As an employer, you will also get a chance to connect with your employees and motivate them to come back to work after the holidays with increased enthusiasm.

Keeping Christmas letters simple is a good idea. Merely saying ‘Merry Christmas’ may not cut it though, so it is a good idea to kill two birds with one stone here! By all means, write a Christmas letter to your employees, but you can also use this correspondence to let them know of any holiday bonuses you may be offering to them and information of how many days they have off from work.

Here is a Christmas letter sample – written by an employer to his employees – that you can take inspiration from:


Sample Christmas Letter to Employees


The Staff Members
Yellow Tuxedo
7736 Celestial Way
Newark, DE 82992


Greetings Tuxedo Team :

Please accept my heartfelt wishes for Christmas! I find this an excellent opportunity to wish you and your loved ones Merry Christmas and would like to extend my prayers and thoughts to you.

The current year has been a fantastic year, and Team Tuxedo is wholly responsible for it. We have achieved three milestones in the last ten months and have exceeded all our sales targets. You have been a fantastic team whose hard work has brought Yellow Tuxedo amongst the top 5 in the industry. Since this would not have been possible without the sheer determination that you all expressed, I would like to announce a special Christmas bonus this year – apart from the usual 10% extra that is issued to staff at this time of the year; I am announcing a 25% increase in salaries from January.

The company has high regard for your capabilities, and this is my way of thanking you for your hard work. I hope that this Christmas is a joyful one for you and that you return to work on January 2 with an even stronger desire to succeed.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


Sincere regards,

Ben Affleck
Managing Director
Yellow Tuxedo
Corporate Branch
54 Paul Avenue
Smyrna, DE 89111