Entry Level CNA Cover Letter with No Experience

One important thing to understand about CNA cover letters is that these are not meant to be cheerful greeting letters neither are these about your career. A cover letter is simply a document that compliments your resume and translates you as a viable candidate in front of the employer. Following are some useful tips in this regard:

Entry Level CNA Cover Letter Tips

• Read the job posting very carefully and shortlist a couple of your core competencies accordingly. Focus on these as you write your cover letter
• Make sure you relate your skills to the job requirements using a suitable tabulated or bullet format
• Mention your qualifications and certifications clearly
• It is a good idea to express why you wish to join the specific organization as a CNA

Following is a CNA cover letter sample for a candidate without any experience.


Entry Level CNA Cover Letter Sample – No Experience


Melissa Young
512 NW 21st St | Great Falls, MT 59405 | (006) 555-4444 | melissa @ email . com

January 17, 2015

Mr. Stanley Guilford
HR Manager
Mercy Healthcare Centre
Great Falls, MT 59405

“Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress.” – Henry Ford

Dear Mr. Guilford:

It is with great interest and deep enthusiasm that I apply for the advertised position of Certified Nursing Assistant at Mercy Healthcare Centre.

In keeping with your job description, I offer all the core competencies needed:

✔ Special talent for providing high quality personal care including nutrition, mobility, elimination, comfort, and safety
✔ Familiar with medical terminology, patient data entry, maintenance and updating protocols
✔ CPR and BLS certified
✔ Detail oriented with demonstrated ability to follow written and verbal instructions and medical charts accurately

My detailed resume is attached for your review and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss CNA position in detail. I am available at (006) 555-4444 anytime if you have any queries regarding my qualifications or academic profile.

Thank you for your time and interest.



Melissa Young

Attached: Resume

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