Sample Letter of Concern to Teacher from Parent

By | December 11, 2014

Our children spend a huge part of their day at school so it only makes sense to keep in touch with their teacher especially if you see a problem somewhere. Your child may be having issues at school or you may have noticed that his behavior has changed somewhat – a change that you may not be too comfortable with. While you may have kept in touch with your child’s teacher off and on, you may want to make a particular incident official or ensure that it is given due attention so writing a letter of concern is a good idea.

A letter of concern will detail why you are worried about your child’s behavior, what changes you have noticed and how you and the teacher can collectively resolve the issue. Be careful not to put blame on the teacher or a fellow student. You need to resolve the issue and not escalate it. Here is a sample letter of concern from a parent to a teacher.

Sample Letter of Concern to Teacher from Parent

December 11, 2014

Ms. Yana Roberts
4th Grade Teacher
Wilson High School
892 Highway Lane
Saint Paul, MN 52232


Dear Ms. Roberts:

This is with reference to my son William Lone who has been enrolled in your class since September 2014. Until about three weeks ago, William seemed to be settling in well in his new school and got along quite well with his classmates. However, he is strangely withdrawn when he returns from school and I was wondering if there is something that I need to know about him that may have transpired in class.

Since he spends quite some time at school, I would like to be informed if there is something amiss in his behavior socially or academically. During homework, he gets frustrated and often leaves the room in quiet defiance which is also worrying. William has been an grade A student all his academic life so this attitude is not very comforting for us.

My reason for writing to you is to determine if you have felt that William is not behaving as normally as a nine year old should in class. If there are any concerns that you have, please talk to me about it; if there are any suggestions on how to make this work for him, I am all ears.

If possible (and if it is not against school protocol), I would like to meet with you personally to discuss this issue. I appreciate you taking out the time to read this.



Jasmine Walters
Tel: (999) 999-9999