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Sample Letter to Teacher to Check on Child Grades

Our children’s grades are our prime concern, especially in these times of tough academic competition and falling grades. If you are concerned about your child’s performance in school and do not want to wait for the parent-teacher meeting to discuss it, it is best to write a letter to the teacher asking her how well… Read More »

Teacher Letter to Parents Regarding Student Progress

Informing parents about how their children are doing in school is an important part of a teacher’s job. A teacher does not only teach – it is also her responsibility to evaluate students on a constant basis and to confer with parents regarding their progress. Often, teachers write letters to parents regarding students’ progress. This… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern to Student

Educators come across many situations that warrant concern to be voiced especially if a student is involved. A letter of concern is usually the means through which this concern is made evident to the student. Typically, letters of concern are written to express an individual’s unease due to a particular situation that another individual may… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern to Bank

It is time to write a letter of concern to your bank if you have noticed something peculiar about your account or are concerned about any unverified activity in it. A letter of concern will be addressed to your personal banker and it should contain details of why you have decided to write this letter… Read More »

Free Sample Letter of Concern to Your Boss

It is amazing how many opportunities we seem to forgo to write letters of concern in an office environment. While you cannot write a letter of concern every time you are in a quandary about something, it is not a bad idea to write one when the situation demands it. If you have been presented… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern to Principal

Letters of concern to school principals are quite the norm now with much disquiet on the part of parents regarding nefarious activities going on in school premises. Sometimes, parents find out about such activities faster than a school management because they are always on a one-on-one basis with their children. In such an event, it… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern to a Friend

Good friends are like family; when something happens to a friend, we automatically sit up and take notice. It is not necessary that a friend is in imminent physical danger for you to want to express your concern for her. If you feel that your friend is going through an emotional trauma like depression due… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern for Poor Performance

Poor performance does not always warrant a firing action; if you know that the employee in question has the capacity and the will to perform well, it is important to give him a chance to prove his worth even if he has disappointed you previously. A letter of concern can be written to an employee… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern to Teacher from Parent

Our children spend a huge part of their day at school so it only makes sense to keep in touch with their teacher especially if you see a problem somewhere. Your child may be having issues at school or you may have noticed that his behavior has changed somewhat – a change that you may… Read More »

Sample Letter of Concern to Employee

Your employees are an important asset of your company, therefore, if you feel that an employee is not working well, it is time to address the problem. Simply talking about it or expressing your concern can often make employees get back on their feet. Letters of concern can be written by CEO, HR managers, immediate supervisors… Read More »