Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child’s Grades

By | May 13, 2015

Would you believe it if you were told that writing an “old fashioned” letter to your child’s teacher about his or her grades, will get you great feedback? It is true. Communication is the “in” thing now and teachers actually appreciate being approached by parents, even if it is through standard letters.

So if you are in a position where you are worried about your child’s grades, writing to his teacher to show your concern or find out what is happening is a good idea. You will need to point out why you are concerned and what areas you feel need attention. If you would like, you can also write suggestions in your letter – since you know your child the best, making suitable suggestions can help the teacher take an educated decision to work extra on your child.

You can also provide a teacher with information on why you think your child’s grades are slipping. It could be because of an event at home that has made him upset, unsavory company or an illness or condition. In such an event, you will need to tell the teacher that you are doing all that you can to make things better for your child.

A sample letter to a teacher from a parent, detailing her child’s slipping grades is given below:


Letter to Teacher from Parent about Child’s Grades


May 13, 2015

Ms. Scarlet Hamilton
Teacher – Grade 5
Bamford School System
645 Southern Grove Road
Saint Johns, FL 27363


Dear Ms. Hamilton:

I have been extremely worried about my daughter Natasha Greyson, who is a Grade 5 student under your wing. Natasha has been an ace student, ever since she was admitted to Bamford School System in Grade 1. Lately, it seems that Natasha’s grades are slipping – where she was once an A+ student, I see that most of her exams are marked C now.

Despite availing several opportunities to talk to Natasha about her falling grades, she has remained oddly silent – her only answer is that she will try to bring them up. I am placing this consequential slipping of grades on her frame of mind, which cannot be a 100% owing to the recent divorce between me and my husband. However, she does not admit to it.

Since you are in a position of trust, I would appreciate it if you would give Natasha a pep talk about her grades. She looks up to you tremendously and I am sure that she will be able to relate to you more than she is able to relate to me at this point – and will be able to bring up her grades as a result.

Thank you for understanding the situation. I look forward to hearing your views.



Catherine Wedge
(000) 876-0987
Catherine.w @ email . com