Letter of Intent for Home Sale

By | December 17, 2017

A letter of intent is an informal agreement that states that two or more people want to enter into a real estate transaction for sale or purchase.

In case of a home sale, a letter of intent is a non-binding agreement that is charted out to show the sellers intention to sell his home. Thatis usually made right before a formal contract is drawn up, to show that the seller is serious about making the sale.

To write a letter of intent, it is essential to include the names and contact information of all parties that are part of the deal.

The period for a letter of intent is usually limited and is open to encourage a timely response. The letter of intent should outline the amount of money that the sale will be made for. Once this agreement is drawn, it is alright for buyers to inspect the premises to ensure that all is in order.

Here is a sample of a letter of intent for home sale:


Sample Letter of Intent for Home Sale


March 17, 2018


Re: Letter of Intent for Sale of Home

This letter of intent is being drawn between Mr. Edmond Garcia (seller), and Mr. Gregory Faulkner (prospective buyer) to chart out the details of the following property:

11 Teal Street
New York, NY 19383

It is stated that the seller intends to sell the property mentioned above to the buyer considering that all aspects of the actual deal have been fulfilled. Moreover, the buyer agrees that after the initial inspection, a token amount will be decided and paid to the buyer to lock the property from being placed on the market. The details of the deal are provided below:

The actual price of the house: $600, 000
Down Payment: $100,000
Balance payment to be paid by the buyer: $500,000

The entire transaction must take place within three months of the date of the down payment, after which the deal will be null and void, and the seller has the right not to return the down payment.

Once this letter of intent has been signed, an agreement with further details will be drawn to complete the transaction this agreement will be admissible in the court of law and is completely binding.

Both the seller and buyer agree to the terms charted out in this letter of intent.


Mr. Edmond Garcia (Seller)



Mr. Gregory Faulkner(Buyer)