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Letter of Intent for Home Sale

A letter of intent is an informal agreement that states that two or more people want to enter into a real estate transaction for sale or purchase. In case of a home sale, a letter of intent is a non-binding agreement that is charted out to show the sellers intention to sell his home. Thatis… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent for Medical School

If you feel a genuine calling for helping people and your curiosity for learning is higher than your fear of having your hands hold a beating heart inside someone’s chest, if you do not fear using your instincts, combined with your knowledge to get the best result, then you are destined to be a doctor.… Read More »

Sample Notice of Intent to Foreclose

Writing a foreclosure letter to a client may be quite an unpleasant job but if it has to be done, it has to be done. A notice of intent to foreclose is written in the event that a client has failed to make payments owed to a mortgage or a loan company or the bank.… Read More »

Letter of Intent to Lease Commercial Space

Your business is expanding, you’re unhappy with your current business space, or you’re just ready to say goodbye to working out of your garage. You’re both excited about leasing a new office and bracing yourself for the avalanche of paperwork! And while your attorney or broker have all the legal documents prepared for you, such… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Leasing a Property

When you intend to lease a property, it is a best best practice to write a letter of intent, outlining the initial terms of the lease. A letter of intent is usually written by the landlord after an initial mutual agreement is made between a potential tenant and a landlord. The purpose of writing a… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent for Construction Project

Construction projects are huge undertakings and should not be operated on by mere word of mouth. Word of mouth doesn’t work as there are so many legalities and details that one has to look out for. Formal agreements are usually drawn up to make construction deals official but there is one step that precedes formal… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent to Sell a Business

Letters of intent, also known as letters of interest are non-legally binding documents that outline a principle agreement. When a seller draws up a letter of intent, he may do so because he wants to outline an informal agreement to sell his business. You may wonder what the purpose of a letter of intent is… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent to Sell Shares

Letters of intent, while not legally binding, are one of the most important documents that you will sign when selling your shares or assets. The purpose of this type of letter is to assure the buyer that the seller will sell to him only and that the buyer will keep all information disclosed in the… Read More »

Sample Letter of Intent for Promotion

Letters of intent for promotion purposes are not much different from cover letters. Both have the same aim – to sell your skills to a potential employer.   The difference in both lies in the situation that they both prevail in. While a cover letter is usually written to a new employer, a letter of… Read More »

Letter of Intent to Rent a Space for Business

Letters of intent are written before an official agreement is made. In cases of property, letters of intent may be written from one party leasing, renting or buying/selling property to another one. Businesses usually inspect space which has been put up for rent or sale; once interest is developed, a letter of intent may be… Read More »