Sample Letter to Vacate Rental House

There can be many reasons for you to want a house that you have rented out to be vacated. Maybe you want it vacated because you want to sell it off, or live in it yourself. Or any other reason.

But whatever your reason is, you have to make sure that you send in a letter to your tenants to let them know that they have a certain time within which they have to vacate the premises. This will serve as a notice.

What goes into a letter of this sort?

To be honest, there are no rules to govern writing a letter of this nature. It is up to you what you want to write and how you want to communicate this. But you must write politely. Since you do not want to come across as crass, make sure that the choice of words that you use in a letter of this sort is polite.

Explain why you are asking your tenants to vacate the rental house. Even if you do not want to go into too much detail about your reason, make sure that they are made aware of your decision to ask them to leave. Here is a sample to help you:


Sample Letter to Vacate Rental House



December 18, 2017

Mr. James Winslet
201 Yale Road
Nashville, TN 55858


Dear Mr. Winslet:

This is with reference to the house (201 Yale Road, Nashville, TN 69854) that was rented to you on July 12, 2015. As per the terms of the rental agreement (copy enclosed), the two year rental term ends on July 12, 2017.

While I had verbally agreed to extend the agreement by another year or so if all went well, I am afraid that I cannot fulfil that end of the bargain. As you are aware, I am in a financial spot at the moment, and I would like to put this house on the market for sale so that I can effectively meet my financial goals. I am hoping for it to sell soon as it is in near mint condition (thanks to your diligence in handling repairs and maintenance on it for the past 2 years).

Please note that I would ideally like to put the house up for sale on July 30, 2017, and would appreciate it if you could vacate the premises by July 27, 2017. I appreciate the way you have taken care of the house as if it were your own, and feel quite overwhelmed at asking you to leave. But I am sure that you understand and sympathize with my predicament at this time.




Sarah Gordon
120 Teal Street
Nashville, TN 18373
Tel: (000) 145-8584

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