Sample Letter of Intent for Medical School

If you feel a genuine calling for helping people and your curiosity for learning is greater than your fear of having your hands hold a beating heart inside someone’s chest, if you do not fear using your instincts, combined with your knowledge to get the best result, then you’re destined to be a doctor.

Unfortunately, the road to becoming a physician or doctor is a long one, and along the path you will have to do things that you never thought a doctor would do, such as writing a letter of intent for Medical School. Why is this letter important? It sets you apart from the thousands of other applicants. Usually most medical schools have a standardized application so writing this letter will let them know more about you as an individual, and what you can bring to the profession.

You can send this letter at any point, be that along with your application for admission or after you have been shortlisted or even after your interview. Here’s a sample for your convenience:


Sample Letter of Intent for Medical School


February 26, 2016

Mr. Alexus Gomez
Dean of Admissions
Hope Medical School
4062 Frum Street
Nashville, TN 37211


Dear Mr. Gomez:

I am honored to write you this letter, thanking you for short-listing me in your admission process, and for considering me a good candidate. I am also taking the opportunity to write a formal letter of intent to go to medical school and “Hope Medical School” has always been my first choice.

My father was a surgeon, and I have watched him excel as I grew up. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. However, I carry his enthusiasm with me. I have visited the campus before, and I believe that I can truly fit in here, as everything that you promote in your environment, I already have, including: a can-do attitude, ambition, good team work and individual skills and perseverance. The honest truth is I would not have come this far without these.

I vow to prove that you have made the right decision, in the event that you accept me into your prestigious institution, where I can learn the subtle art and exact science of medicine, as those have before me and I too, like them may reform it and pass it on. Once again, thank you.



Arnold Richard

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