Teacher’s Aide Letter of Interest Sample

By | October 15, 2016

When you see a job advertisement in a newspaper or a website, you write a cover letter to apply. When you are unsure if there is an open position in an organization, you write a letter of interest. A cover letter is pretty simple to write – the employer is expecting dozens of application for a job opening and everything moves in a flow. But sending in a letter of interest may not bring the same results as a cover letter will. For starters, letters of interest are not expected – they come as a surprise and maybe, the person who reads it, doesn’t think it is a very nice one! On the other hand, you may be in luck and the employer may just want to hire someone at that point but has been unable to send out an advertisement yet!

A letter of interest shows no reference to an advertisement or an open position. It just outlines an individual’s interest in a position and what he or she has to offer – any information that might convince a prospective employer to consider using your services, needs to be made part of a letter of interest. Here is an example for you to follow:


Letter of Interest for Teacher’s Aide Job


584 Church Street
Phoenix, AZ 54788

October 15, 2016

Ms. Amanda Polanski
The Mentoring School
908 Pierce Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 56021


Dear Ms. Polanski:

I have always been in awe of the extremely well-placed and novel manner in which The Mentoring School approaches education. As an experienced teacher assistant, presently working for Phoenix High School, I would like to express my interest in working for your institution.

Why I believe that I will fit right into your school is highlighted below:

• Successful track record of providing full support to lead teachers to ensure excellent and accurate delivery of everyday lectures.
• Highly skilled in guiding students on one-on-one and group basis.
• Qualified to maintain a clean and safe environment for students, monitor them on a constant basis, and ensure quick action in case of adverse situations.
• Well-versed in assisting in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate classroom activities, aimed at enhancing students’ social, emotional and cognitive development.

If there is no open position for a teacher aide at The Mentoring School at this point in time, I would appreciate it if you would keep me in mind for when one does occur. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Dalilah Robinson

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