Teacher Letter to Parents Regarding Student Progress

By | December 18, 2014

Informing parents about how their children are doing in school is an important part of a teacher’s job. A teacher does not only teach – it is also her responsibility to evaluate students on a constant basis and to confer with parents regarding their progress.

Often, teachers write letters to parents regarding students’ progress. This initiative makes it possible for parents to understand how their child is doing at school and how they can handle any problems that may be keeping her from accelerating in an academic environment.

It is actually up to an individual teacher to determine what to write or how much information to provide in a student progress letter. Many progress letters are written to give parents a feel of how their child is doing in class and to open the door for a possible meeting so that things can be discussed in person. However, many teachers may even write a detailed letter, outlining everything concerning a student.

What follows is a letter written by a teacher to a parent regarding a student’s progress. Have a look!


Teacher Letter to Parents Regarding Student Progress


December 18, 2014

Ms. Katherine Williams
7119 Faith Lane
Danbury, CT 88912


Dear Ms. Williams:

This is with reference to your child Natalia Williams who is a Grade 1 student at Topstone Junior School. I am writing to discuss Natalia’s progress with you and hope that you read this letter with an open mind and the will to assist your child in coming to terms with the issues that she is presently facing.

Natalia is an intelligent child and has been studying diligently for the entirety of last term. However, her falling grades this term indicate that she is under duress and needs some kind of assistance. I have attempted to speak to her to determine her obvious discomfort at school but I do not see her opening up to me. She did mention that she is unhappy at home but did not provide details and I decided not to grill her.

Please understand that final assessments are just six weeks away and if Natalia does not pull her act together, she may not be able to pass Grade 1. Please let me know if there is anything that the school can do to make sure that her progress is accelerated and her self-confidence returns.

Topstone Junior School takes its student body very seriously and would do anything within its power to ensure that its students are never emotionally, academically or socially challenged.

Thank you,


Best regards,

Serena Whatnot
Teacher, Grade 1
Topstone Junior School
12 Woodcrest Lane, Danbury, CT 12029
Tel: (000) 999-9999