Receptionist Recommendation Letter Sample

By | October 17, 2016

When you are applying for a receptionist position in an organisation that asks for a letter of recommendation, you can ask a teacher or previous employer to write one for you.

Recommendation letters are considered as good social etiquette when introducing an individual in the capacity of receptionist. The letter is written to introduce you to the prospective employer in a positive light and say why you will be a good fit to their organization.

A recommendation letter basically deals with an applicant’s attitude as an individual and professional. While there will be some mention of your skills and qualifications, you will basically be painted in a light that shows positivity of character.

To completely understand how a receptionist recommendation letter is written, look at the sample below.


Receptionist Recommendation Letter Sample


October 17, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Brooklynn Harper for Receptionist position at DTB Co. Brooklynn has worked as a receptionist under my supervision at Delta Products for 10 years and has recently moved to Chandler with her husband.

Brooklynn had been an asset for our company since the day she joined us. From immediately taking over the reception areas to carefully and articulately managing customers without much training, she has contributed to the company on many platforms. Her positive attitude and willingness to perform any task entrusted to her has inspired the people that she has worked with manifold. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her aptitude for going up the ladder is immense.

As a customer-focused individual, Brooklynn has never disappointed us. At a recent promotional event for the company’s new product, she proved that reception work is not her only forte and that she can be equally good at handling work in other areas of the company as well. If provided with a chance to work at your organization, I do not doubt that she will contribute immediately and work diligently towards meeting the company’s objectives.

If you require any further documents or information from me to provide credence to Brooklynn’s eligibility, please feel free to contact me at (000) 744-1254.



Austin Stevenson
Manager Operations
Delta Products
777 Vila River Road
Pima, AZ 19746