Introduction Letter from Teacher Assistant to Parents

By | July 6, 2016

Depending on individual school policies, you might be asked to write a self-introduction letter to parents or the school might write it for you. If the former is what you have to do, you might want to read on. As a teacher assistant, you will be working directly with students, which means that their parents will be concerned about who will be handling them. And this is probably why the school administration would want you to write a self-introductory letter to parents.

Since it is a letter in which you are introducing yourself, you have to keep a balance of things. You cannot go overboard with the praise and you cannot not praise yourself either. Yes, it is going to be tricky. But not impossible! Look at it this way – if you have been hired by a school based on your skills and qualifications, it means that you are a well-qualified individual. All you have to do is make sure that your students’ parents are aware of this as well.

Self-introduction letters are difficult to write if you are not confident of your own abilities. When the confidence is there, you will be able to write one which is quite convincing. Want a hint on how to write one? Let us give you an entire sample!


Self-Introduction Letter from Teacher Assistant to Parents


Simone Gallagher
Teacher Assistant
Mount Fort Preschool
882 Seabury Street
Providence, RI 19283

July 6, 2016

All Parents of Grade 6 Students


Dear Parents:

Starting from July 13, 2016, I will be your child’s new Teacher Assistant for this academic year. Being an experienced teaching assistant, with over 3 years of exposure to providing instruction to Grade 1 students, I am positive that I will be a credit to your child’s class as well. As a teaching assistant who has been trained from St. James Academy and have extensive field experience, I fit right into the school’s environment and I am quite sure that your child will feel secure and happy with me.

During a prefatory activity, I have already been introduced to your child – and I am pleased to know that the entire class seems to have taken a liking to me. As a teacher assistant, I am confident of my ability to meet your child’s specific learning requirements and provide a nurturing and safe environment for him / her.

To make the transition period easier, the school will be holding a parent-teacher meeting where we will get an opportunity to meet with each other. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, please feel free to discuss them with me then. If there are any general queries, you may contact that school office at (000) 555-1254.



Simone Gallagher