Child Support Agreement Letter between Parents

By | November 21, 2014

A child support agreement letter between parents is drawn by a mediator for the purpose of charting out what responsibilities each parent has after a divorce has been finalized. This agreement is part of a child support petition that a local family court will need from both parents so that things can be easier for the child.

Child support agreements are written from the point of view of both parents and are signed by both. It is necessary to chart out all the aspects of how a child will survive with both parents living away from each other and not having the emotional bond that they once had. Depending on how old a child is when this letter is being drawn up, it may detail different living arrangements for the child as he grows up. If you are about to draw a child support agreement letter for a client, you will need to cover all aspects of child support in the letter. This will include residence, cooperation, physical proximity, relocation and financial matters.

The sample below will give you an idea on how you can write a child support agreement letter for your clients:

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Child Support Agreement Letter between Parents


Child Support Agreement Between

Nolan Cox (Father)
Brittany Faser (Mother)

Nolan Cox (father) and Brittany Faser (mother) hereby enter into the flowing agreement with a desire to both cooperatively and individually love their child William Cox according to the values that they hold in relation to spiritual and cultural matters. It is their combined intention to share in the emotional, physical and financial support of William thereby leading to the following agreement:

Out of 7 days in a week, William (now 5 years of age) will reside 5 days with his mother and 2 days with his father until he turns 7 – a new agreement or an addendum to this one will be duly added.

Cooperation and Flexibility
Both parents agree to make their best effort to accommodate each other’s schedules for each other as far as William is concerned so that physical custody can be made easier. Both also agree to handle holidays and special events such as Christmas and birthdays by taking turns pre-decided between them.

Physical Proximity and Relocation
Both parents agree to that it will be in their child’s best interest if they found accommodations near each other so that William can be easily transferred between households. Both mother and father agree that they will not reside further apart than a one hour drive from each other. In the event of relocation on either parent’s part, both parents agree to maintain this agreement to the maximum feasible extent.

Financial Matters
Mother and father will be individually responsible for William’s day to day expenses including food, clothes, toys and entertainment. Mother will pay 40% and father will pay 60% of the costs incurred on insurance premiums, utility bills and school co-curricular activities.

Each of us has understood and agree to all the terms charted out in this agreement.


Nolan Cox


Brittany Fraser