Sample Promotion Letter to an Employee

By | November 21, 2014

Promotion are the most amazing times in our lives. Hours of rigorous and unrelenting work can take a toll on an individual but a promotion can make things look brighter and motivate one. Promotion letters are usually written by senior managers to their subordinates detailing why a promotion has been made and what new responsibilities the employee will now be required to handle.

A promotion letter also chart out the employee’s new designation and the salary scale on which he will now be working. This is also a great chance to motivate an employee in working to achieve higher by pointing out his abilities and skills.

Employers writing these letters should make sure that their letter has an upbeat tone. You do not want to sound mundane when delivering good news to an employee. Address the employee directly and provide him with all the details that he will need to pursue his new position. You must also thank him for his exceptional work that led to a promotion in a promotion announcement letter.

Refer to the sample promotion announcement letter below:

Sample Promotion Letter to an Employee

November 21, 2014


Mr. Adam Duper
Sales Officer
Land O’ Lakes
5991 Church Street
Charleston, WV 62911


Dear Mr. Duper:

With much pleasure, I announce your promotion to the Sales Manager position at Land O’ Lakes. I am positive that no one else deserved this title more than you as your contribution to the company has been immense in the previous 5 years.

Land O’ Lakes has attained a milestone with your efforts; our client base now stands at 12000 (it was a mere 4500 in 2011) and we owe it to your strategically planned sales promotions and plans. We have a bevy of happy customers, five of which have sent in their personal feelings and gratitude regarding working with you. I believe that this is the beginning of something very big and I look forward to seeing what you can do in your new position.

Your job description as Manager Sales of Land O’ Lakes and your salary information as per the new scale are detailed in the enclosed document. You have now been allotted separate space in the east wing of the office and as of December 1, 20014, you will be required to take over your new office.

The board of directors of Land O’ Lakes would like to thank you for your unrelenting dedication to the company and congratulate you for reaching this far.



Walter Hopper
Director Sales
Land O’ Lakes
Tel: (888) 888-8888