Child Support Cancellation Letter Sample

By | October 24, 2016

You may have heard of child support agreement letters but have you heard of agreements where child support termination is agreed upon? Well, you can agree on not receiving child support if you feel that you can handle the expenses of your child by yourself. Or if your ex-spouse has given you enough during the divorce settlement for you to be able to handle your children on your own.

But a child support cancellation agreement letter will needs to be charted out in this event. Why? You may have mutually agreed on no child support but you have to make it legal so that neither party can back out at a later stage. An agreement of this sort will provide both parties a cover and ensure that the original terms are adhered to. While agreements of this sort usually need an attorney’s involvement, it is possible to create an agreement and have it notarized so that it can be made legal.

To cut legal costs, it is a good idea to draft an agreement yourself and then have it notarized by a proper authority. To see how one can be written, refer to the sample provided below:


Child Support Cancellation Letter Sample


No Child Support Agreement Between

Emma Gibson (Mother)
Rupert Hall (Father)

Emma Gibson and Rupert Hall enter into the following agreement, both cooperatively agreeing to waive of right to give or receive child support payments for their son Nolan Hall aged 2. It is their combined intention to share the physical and financial support of their son, without unduly placing burden on each other’s finances.

This no child support agreement holds the following terms and conditions in consideration:

Nolan will stay with his mother for five days a week and will spend the weekend (2 days) with his father, until he turns 8, after which a new agreement will be drawn, or an addendum added.

Both parents agree to put in their best efforts to accommodate each other’s plans during the course of this agreement, and hereby agree to adhere to the residence plan so that Nolan’s physical custody can be made easier.

Both parents agree that it is in their child’s best interest if they find accommodation (or relocate) within the same vicinity (preferably the same city) so that physical movement between both parents is facilitated.

Day to Day Expenses
Both parents are individually responsible for Nolan’s everyday expenses without the benefit of child support from either side. If the need for child support does arise, an attorney will be asked to intervene and determine logistics and authenticity.

Each of us has understood and agree to all terms and conditions charted out in this no child support agreement.

Emma Gibson

Rupert Hall

Signed on this ___________ day of _____________ 2016.