Child Visitation Agreement Letter Sample

By | January 11, 2017

Broken marriages often bring in a lot of problems where children are concerned. It does not matter whose fault it was that a marriage broke – what is important is what will happen afterwards. The custodial parent often wants to limit the contact of his or her child with the non-custodial parent, bringing about more friction than expected. But since the non-custodial parent also has rights where child visitation is concerned, an agreement needs to be drawn up whether the custodial parent likes it or not!

Let’s not beat about the bush. Coming to the point, it is important to draw up a child visitation agreement between both parents, so that the child involved does not suffer from lack of affection or time at either end. Usually, a child visitation agreement is drawn by a lawyer who represents either one of the parties. It is a simple agreement that charts out the terms of visitation, which include timelines and conditions of each visit.

A lawyer may decide him or herself how the agreement will be created, based on the instructions that he or she receives from the client. Once the agreement is written, it is up to him or her to have it signed by both parties and get it notarized. Here is an example of a standard child visitation agreement letter:


Child Visitation Agreement Letter Sample


Child Visitation Agreement


Lana Raymond
(Custodial Parent)


William Nimoy
(Non-custodial Parent)

This agreement is being charted out between my client Ms. Lana Raymond and Mr. William Nimoy to project the terms and conditions of visitations of the non-custodial parent to their child Rebecca Nimoy (aged 5 years as of today). The actual terms of the agreement are detailed below:

Visiting Hours: It is stipulated that the non-custodialparent will be allowed to meet his daughter for 5 hours every Saturday or Sunday, depending on his convenience. If the custodial parent has a previous engagement on the weekend which involves the child as well, a weekday may be decided upon for visiting.

Pick-up Conditions: It is solely up to the custodial parent to decide if the non-custodial parent can pick the child from the former’s residence for recreational purposes. The standard 5 hour rule applies here.

School Holidays and Special Occasions: The non-custodial parent may choose to obtain temporary custody of the child for no more than 2 weeks during summer holidays, and 5 days during winter vacation. It is entirely the custodial parent’s choice what visitation rights to provide during special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and the child’s birthday.

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions specified in this agreement.


______________                             ______________
(Signature)                                                (Signature)
Lana Raymond                                      William Nimoy