Request Letter for New Electricity Connection

By | January 11, 2017

No one can imagine life without electricity anymore, not with all the important appliances, the humming of which in our house has become second nature. It might not be as basic as the need for food and water, though, but at least it comes a close second. There are thousands of everyday activities which are impossible without electricity.

So, it makes sense if you’ve had a new house built or if your current house needs a new connection, to send a letter to your electric company, to ask for a new connection. If there is any urgency, such as a function to be held in the building or a deadline for a customer, don’t forget to make them aware of that. It’s also recommended to send a sample of the houses wiring plans, and any other relevant information needed, to decide the parameters of the connection.

Writing a letter like this is pretty easy, so don’t be nervous. If you need a new connection, the electrical company will be more than obliged to assist you. Here is a sample letter to help you put this advice to work!


Sample Request Letter for New Electricity Connection


January 10, 2017


Mr. Paul A. Rhoads
Senior Electrical Engineer
Iowa Electric Company
2924 Centennial Farm Road
Anita, IA 50020


Dear Mr. Rhoads:

I would like to request for a new electrical connection for my new house, which is located at 584 Example Street, Anita, IA 52588.

I have just finished building my new house, which falls under your territory, being one of the major electricity suppliers in the aforementioned neighborhood. All internal electrical wiring has been completed, and a sample of the wiring plan is attached for your convenience and review.

Since I have already sent invitations for a inauguration ceremony to be held on January 30, 2017, I must convey to you the urgency of the situation, please send the relevant personnel with our new meter, and a copy of your company’s customer guidelines, as soon as it is possibly convenient for you. This will ensure I have a full understanding of your requirements the next time we speak to discuss my new electricity connection.

I would appreciate it if I am taught to count the electrical units used, and how to read the machine. This would be a great help while budgeting, all needed fees will be paid, as and when necessary, and in full.

Thank you in advance, I await your prompt course of action, and hope that this marks the beginning of a healthy, productive, client-company relationship.




Michael R. Summerlyn