Example of Character Reference Letter for Court

By | January 7, 2016

Example of character reference letter for court is a toughie. And that is because you are probably in a lot of hot water with the law. And even if it “wasn’t your fault”, well you still have to present one to the court if they have asked for it.

So what goes into a character reference letter? No, it is not like a regular recommendation or reference letter as its purpose is to get you off the hook and not to get you a job! While the essence may remain the same – you would want a person of authority to provide proof that you are an American citizen in good standing with the law – you might need to leave out information on how good you are at what you do. A character reference letter is strictly to provide a positive view of your character and that is it!

People who can write a character reference letter for you include an employer, family friend, neighbor or even your priest. Whoever knows you well and can vouch for your character is eligible to write a character reference letter for you.

If the matter is listed in the county or supreme courts, you will need to address your letter as “Your Honor”. And if the matter is listed in a magistrate’s court, you might want to address you reference letter to the “Presiding Magistrate”. The following example of a character reference letter for court, addressed to a judge is provided below:


Example of Character Reference Letter for Court


Joshua Hall
212 SE 255th Way
Maple Valley, WA 98630
Tel: (999) 999 – 9999

January 7, 2016

Judge Thomas Miller
Supreme Court of the United States
1st Street NE
Washington, DC 23145


Your Honor:

This is with reference to Mr. Peter Robinson who has been arrested in an alleged felony regarding the robbery and whose case (case # 23654) is being reviewed by your court. As his neighbor for over 22 years, I can vouch for his good character as I have lived next door to him and have spent a great time with him almost every weekend, for the past 6 years.

Peter has always been a gentle soul, helping out his neighbors by going out of his way and providing shelter to homeless animals. I have spoken to Peter about the crime that he has been charged with in detail and it seems completely out of character for him to be offensive, let alone take a life. As far as the allegation of him performing the “deed” under influence is concerned, I can also vouch that he drinks occasionally and that too within limitations.

If there is anything else that you require in terms of information about Peter’s impeccable character that might help his case along, please feel free to contact me.



Joshua Hall