10 Day Demand Letter Sample 2

By | January 8, 2016


Imagine not paying your electricity or gas bill for a month. What will happen? You will receive another one with the surcharge and arrears included. And what happens when you do not pay that either? Well, you may receive a few more accumulated bills after which the utility company will have no choice but to send you a notice – a 10 day demand letter!

A 10 day demand letter can be written by anyone who is owed money by an individual or organization. Some companies may involve lawyers who draft these letters and send them on their clients’ behalf. Others may just ask their recovery officers to follow up on defaulted clients. Basically, anyone can write a 10 day demand letter.

Depending on how the individual writing the demand letter takes it, the content may revolve around 10 days from the date of receipt or 10 days from the issuance of the letter. This means that the letter will provide a timeline within which the outstanding payment needs to be made – or the client faces legal consequences.

While a polite document, a 10 day demand letter needs to be firm to ensure results. Here is an example that you can use to write your own:


10 Day Demand Letter Sample


January 9, 2016

Mr. Troy Sanders
6674 Cedar Glen Drive
S Burlington, VT 55555


Dear Mr. Sanders:

Please refer to the copies of letters sent to you by us, providing you with information on the debit of $5488 in your account # SS2125654, titled Troy Sanders. Over the previous 5 months, we have communicated the situation of your account to you several times, both in writing and over the telephone but you have not been proactive in clearing this debit.

As you are aware, the company reserves the right to close your account if there is an outstanding debit of more than $2000 for more than 3 months. Since you have been a valued client of the company for over a decade now, we have provided you with extensive leeway. However, we cannot continue to do so now.

You are required to contact the office and clear this outstanding amount within 10 days of the issuance of this letter, failing which we will have no choice but to take strict legal action. Until then, your account is termed frozen and you will not be able to trade either online or through one of our traders.

We would appreciate a prompt response from your end.



Kyra Nelson
Recovery Officer
KIMCO Securities
7777 Baldwin Avenue
S. Burlington, VT 19373
Tel: (222) 222-2222