Power Of Attorney Letter for Car Insurance

By | December 12, 2016

It is not abnormal to be unable to handle all your affairs yourself, sometimes you need help. You could be incredibly busy, or growing old or in some cases, both. Whatever it is that has led you to decide to donate your power of attorney to a trusted agent, you need to write a power of attorney letter. Some people may think that this level of formality is unnecessary; however, car insurance is an important matter. Companies often have to associate with the government, and for that everything has to be crystal clear on paper.

Ask the Company
Insurance companies require you to be honest with them. Tell them exactly what circumstances are leading you to this decision, and ask them what they would require in the letter for it to be acceptable; an attestation or registration and the likes.

Be Coherent and Comprehensive
Leave nothing to imagination. Your letter must include the limits of the power being transferred. It should be clear what information can be shared with the attorney, and what cannot. When should the company contact your attorney, and when they should contact you. How long, and under which cases, does the power of attorney stand.

Follow the Laws of State and County
Before writing, it is appropriate for one to check the conditions and laws of one’s state and county. It is also recommended that one has the letter they have composed vetted by a practicing lawyer. If you have a lawyer sibling or friend, that’s a plus point, because you can have them casually read the document.

Here is a Sample letter that you can modify to your particular situation:

Power Of Attorney Letter for Car Insurance

December 12, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

Let It Be Known To All Those Present That I, (Principal Name) Hereby declare (Attorney Name) as my lawful and trusted attorney and agent to act in my stead and my place and as an individual with regard to my car insurance package and Premium I have Purchased from (insurance company name, date).

The attorney is liable to do all that is caused to be done and ethically correct and logically sound from the following:

1. Sign all documents in my place concerning the car insurance and handle all matters.

2. Communicate all information and updates to the principal donor at the principal’s convenience.

3. Be the Principal’s representative to the Insurance company and vice versa.

4. Understand all the current rates and packages and make the most informed decisions in the Principal’s stead.

This power of attorney letter is in power from now until the Principal is no longer affiliated with the Insurance company or the Principal forwards a written revocation.

Principal’s signature: _______________________

Principal’s address: _________________________

Attorney’s signature: ________________________

Attorney’s address: __________________________


Witness’s Name: ______________________________

Witness’s Signature: ____________________________

Witness’s attestation:
I, (witness’s name) the witness, understand my role in this document and the laws of perjury in the State of (State Name). I solemnly swear I saw this document being signed with both parties in sober, sane and coherent states and there was no coercing involved.