Leave Letter for Sister/Brother Marriage to Manager

By | December 12, 2016


❖ Leave letters for sibling’s wedding are supposed to be formal and informative. You should keep in mind that weddings don’t fall in the exigency category.

❖ Try your best to send this letter in advance or headway. Make sure that it is simple and that it sounds courteous, and respectful and that it exudes politesse.

❖ Use a spellchecker to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes

❖ Make sure your letter is polished, knowledgeable and suave

❖ Make it precise, subtle, and don’t forget to add in all the dates; the date of the wedding, the dates when you’ll be in absentia, and the date when you’ll be back and working.

❖ To smooth things out completely, maybe invite your manager to the wedding ceremony too, that ought to make him/her give you leave.

And to make things easier for you, here’s a sample leave letter:


Leave Letter for Sister/Brother Marriage to Manager


Lizzie Anthony
Sales Representative
Futuristic Designs
(000) 584-8565

December 12, 2016

Mr. Edward T. Minnick
Sales Manager
Futuristic Designs
547 West Street
San Diego, CA 95411


Dear Mr. Minnick:

Of the paramount respect, I am delighted to inform you that my sister’s wedding date has been settled, and to enlighten you that the marriage ceremony is scheduled to take place on January 18, 2016, and being the youngest sister after her, I have to make some special arrangements, and need to organize a few things to make that day a pomp.

For doing so, please grant me a five-day leave, starting from January 14 to January 18, 2017. I really want to make this shindig a memorable day for her. I give you my word that I will complete all my unfinished work within a week after I come back to the office. I have also asked Ms Amanda Collins to look after my work in my absence. Moreover, I’ll be available to cooperate with you, in case, anything urgent comes up.

I have enclosed your invitation letter with this letter and will be glad to see you at wedding ceremony.

Looking forward for an effective response.




Lizzie Anthony
Sales Representative