Insurance Claim Letter on Behalf of a Child

By | February 8, 2015

Claim letters written on a child’s behalf need to possess great detail of why the letter is being written and what circumstances have led to it being written. In such a case, an insurance claim letter may be required due to an accident in which a child has been injured or if the child has a disease that the insurance carrier should cover treatment for.

Insurance claim letters are addressed to a claims officer at the insurance company. The idea is to provide a detailed account of why a child needs the insurance to cover an expense and how it will affect the quality of life of the child in question. Remember that insurance companies have great investigative powers so it is important not to exaggerate your child’s circumstances as doing so, will result in claim denial.

It is true that insurance companies are famous for using loopholes for their benefit so that a claim does not need to be paid but you too can use the same loopholes for your cause. But you may not need to look for loopholes if your child’s case is straightforward. What follows is a sample insurance claim letter written by a parent on behalf of her child.


Insurance Claim Letter on Behalf of a Child


February 8, 2015

Mr. Edward Massey
Claims Officer
Anthem Insurance
27386 Carlyle Road
Clinton Township, MI 28464


Dear Mr. Massey:

I am writing on behalf of my 6 year old son Mathew Cunningham who is insured with Anthem Insurance under policy # 72817-CH-7782. Mathew was recently diagnosed with Thalassemia Major and has been prescribed Montello Gel by his oncologist Dr. Trisha Jackson, which is an experimental drug being used on children with low mortality rate.

Montello Gel is a very expensive drug – a month’s supply will set me back $4000 which is not affordable for me as I am a single parent. I was advised by Dr. Jackson to contact Mathew’s insurance carrier as the government has made it mandatory for all insurance carriers to make life-saving drugs available on their panel.

Please note that without a positive input from your end, Mathew has very low chances of surviving beyond 2 years, a devastating consequence for me and his older siblings. Also, this medication has a great chance of working on him well so that he does not need regular blood transfusions, the cost of which will also be carried by Anthem Insurance.

In order to preserve Mathew’s health and provide him with a chance at life without costly hospitalizations, I request that this claim be handled in a positive manner.

Thank you for attending to this matter.



Farrah Cunningham
652 New Ave
Clinton Township, MI 26987