Babysitter Duties for Resume

By | February 4, 2015

Resume specialists recommend going through some sample job descriptions before building your resume to get an idea of the role.

Once you have a clear idea about the duties and responsibilities of a babysitter you will not only be in a better position to decide whether or not the job is for you but you will also be knowledgeable of key responsibilities associated with the position to write in your resume.

There are many ways to write babysitter duties on a resume. The most widely used method is to write them in short bullet points.

It is a good idea to open a list of some strong action words on the side while you draft the responsibilities section.

Powerful words strengthen the statements making the duties sound more empirical.

Yet another way to form baby sitter duties statements on a resume is to phrase them as accomplishments.

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The following is a list of babysitter duties which might be used to build a resume.

Babysitter Duties for Resume

– Bathe, dress and feed the kids
– Accompany the children to parks and outings
– Prepare healthy and hygienic meals for children
– Perform light housekeeping tasks and run errands as needed
– Maintain the house in a neat, tidy and organized manner
– Drive or walk the kids to school, pick them up and assist them in homework
– Inculcate values of hygiene and cleanliness among kids
– Train kids to become independent
– Provide CPR/first aid if needed
– Communicate with parents on a daily basis regarding the child
– Keep records of daily activities and the amount of food taken
– Entertain the children by playing with them and telling stories
– Demonstrate knowledge of making accurate formulas for infants
– Change diapers hygienically every 4 hours or when needed
– Resolve conflict between two children quickly
– Exhibit and demonstrate values of respect, dignity, and empathy
– Teach the kids value of citizenship
– Get the kids ready for school and assist them in changing
– Rush the children to hospital in case of emergency and call parents immediately

Preferred Qualifications

– First Aid/ CPR certified
– Valid driver’s license holder with a clean driving record
– Ability to lift children up till 5 years of age up and down the stairs
– Well versed in handling more than one child at a time