Babysitter Proof of Income Letter Sample

It is not unusual to be asked for proof of income from you as a babysitter if you have applied for a loan, lease or entering into a rental agreement. The person at the other end of the line may want to know that you are capable of paying back the loan you intend to take or rent for the place you want to live in.

Proof of income letters are written by employers in a formal manner. They provide proof to rent or loan authorities that an individual is working at a certain place and is earning the amount of money that she claims she is. Income letters act as official documents and must contain specific information so you must write them with care.

You should begin your letter by listing the recipient’s contact information at the beginning of the letter and state a subject. Addressing the recipient of the letter is important – you will need to ask the babysitter who it needs to be addressed to. Refrain from writing a To Whom You May Concern letter as adding credibility to your letter is important.

Provide information on how long the babysitter has been working for you and how much her salary is. You can add a few lines about the babysitter’s work ethics and reliability although this is not necessary to do. What follows is a babysitter proof of income letter sample to help you gauge what to write in one.


Babysitter Proof of Income Letter Sample


January 8, 2017

Mr. Hagan Daz
Loan Manager
Bank of America
128 Wolfin Avenue
Amarillo, TX 72937

Subject: Proof of Income


Dear Mr. Daz:

This is with reference to Ms. Hannah Coleman who has applied for a car loan from your bank. Ms. Coleman has been working as a babysitter for my children ages 1, 2 and 4 since March 2015. She is a meticulous and trustworthy individual and has been kept on for her services for so long due to her reliability and punctuality.

Ms. Coleman babysit 6 hours per day and presently earning $9.38 per hour which amounts to an annual salary of $19,510. A sum of $281.4 is directly credited to her account # VG62736352-11 at Texas Bank on weekly basis. Please refer to the enclosed copies of her bank statements and credit receipts for the previous 12 months.

I believe that Ms. Coleman is perfectly qualified to obtain a car loan from your bank as she is expected to remain in my employment for at least the next five years and will be able to pay back the loan amount easily.

I, Gregory Mans, affirms that the information provided in this proof of income document is correct.



Gregory Mans
136 Julie Drive
Amarillo, TX 99001
(999) 000-0000
gregory @ email . com

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