Happy New Year Letter to Professor

By | December 29, 2014

New Year letters should not only be written to friends and family. Since the New Year gives us an opportunity to connect with many people (for several reasons), writing to your professor or a teacher to wish them Happy New Year is a great way of bonding with them during the holiday season.

Of course, you cannot be too chummy with a professor so you need to keep your New Year greetings somewhat formal and add a personal touch to it. How would you do this? Well, let’s face it; you cannot have much to say other than “Happy New Year” in a New Year letter but it should not end there. You can talk a little about your aspirations as far as your studies are concerned or even ask your professor to help you with a project that you may be doing. Remember, that the essence of your letter is wishing your professor a Happy New Year so try not to deviate too much from that.

However, there are no rules governing what you will write in a New Year letter to your professor. The sample below can give you ideas!

Happy New Year Letter to Professor

January 1, 2015

Professor Michael Sobers
UNC College of Arts
10 Clinton Road
Syracuse, NY 92223


Dear Professor Sobers:

Wishing a very Happy New Year to you and your family.

As the New Year approaches, I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me in 2014. It was primarily your effort that made me appreciate different art forms and find my niche in oil painting.

The last term had been exceptionally rewarding as far as learning new concepts and applying them on different mediums is concerned and I would like to take this enthusiasm further into 2015.

On New Year’s Party, the class is planning a small art exhibition on the school premises. We have all decided to paint or draw on 4×4 canvas sheets and attempt to sell them, proceeds of which will go to the Helen Charity Foundation. As our mentor, I would like you to attend this to cheer us on, provided that you are not committed elsewhere.

Thank you for the tremendous effort that you have put into making our art class fun and informational. I look forward to seeing you on New Year’s Party.


Truly yours,

Jacob Bezel
(000) 999-0000
Jacob @ email . edu