Happy New Year Letter Sample

By | September 27, 2015

Sometimes, the littlest of things put big smiles on our faces. The New Year, for instance, is a great time for rejoicing. If we receive a personalized new year letter from a friend, colleague, family member or a boss, it adds to the jovial mood. There is pleasure to be found in small things indeed!

Now that you have been provided with the idea, why not write a New Year letter to someone close to you? These days, writing letters is considered a way of the past. Text messages and emails have become the norm where greetings are concerned. So if you sit down to write a personalized letter, you may become a bit unsure of what to write.

Let us help you. A New Year letter can be written in many ways depending on who it is being written to. If you are writing to a boss or a coworker, you may want to keep the tone a bit formal. If you are writing to a family member or friend, you can basically write anything your heart desires. But mere New Year greetings cannot fill an entire letter-length page. What do you do? Here is a chance to put in other important information in your letter.

What follows is a New Year letter sample written to a friend. You can tweak it to make it sound more professional if you want to write to a coworker or a boss:


Happy New Year Letter Sample


Emma Jose
728 Main Street
West Warwick, RI 17363
(000) 909-0987
emma @ email . com

December 26, 2015

Anthony Lee
789 Wyatt Road
Middletown, RI 19333


Dear Anthony:

The New Year brings with it a lot of joy and hopes for another beautiful beginning. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year! I pray with all my heart that you have a wonderfully prosperous twelve months!

New Year day isn’t the same without you here. While I am planning the customary New Year party, I feel that something is missing. If it weren’t for your career, I would insist that you return to West Warwick immediately! But if you possibly can pay a visit, it will be awesome.

Nothing much has changed since you left. I am hoping to secure a position near you and have an interview in Middletown right after the holidays. Hopefully, we can catch up then.

Until then, I hope you have a rocking New Year and that you are comfortable in your new beginning!

Look after yourself.



Emma Jose