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Happy New Year Letter to Residents

New Year is a happy time, marking the end of the holiday season. This is a time of new year resolutions, parties and in some cases, goodbyes. Take the opportunity to write a letter to your residents along with all the other people you’re sending cards and letters to. After all they deserve it too.… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter to an Apartment Community

You just finished sending all the Christmas cards and letters and now, New Year’s is approaching and you’re tired. We understand, the only downside to this wonderful Holiday season is that there’s so much to do, so little time. Never fear! You have this article to help you write a New Year’s letter to the residents… Read More »

Sample Letter to a Friend on New Year

The New Year is around the corner and now is the time to think of different ways of sending greetings to your friends. You may opt for a short text or a Facebook message but wouldn’t it be nice if you could write an actual letter? Makes it all the more personal when you write… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter Sample

Sometimes, the littlest of things put big smiles on our faces. The New Year, for instance, is a great time for rejoicing. If we receive a personalized new year letter from a friend, colleague, family member or a boss, it adds to the jovial mood. There is pleasure to be found in small things indeed!… Read More »

Sample New Year Letter to Family and Friends

Wishing a happy New Year to family and friends gives one a warm feeling especially if you are away from them and might not be able to welcome the New Year with them. In such a case, writing a letter is the best way to wish them and connect with them. A New Year letter… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter to Professor

New Year letters should not only be written to friends and family. Since the New Year gives us an opportunity to connect with many people (for several reasons), writing to your professor or a teacher to wish them Happy New Year is a great way of bonding with them during the holiday season. Of course,… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter to Best Friend

The New Year is a much looked-forward-to event for a number of reasons. The Christmas spirit hasn’t yet worn off and we have holidays during which we can relax and unwind. Also, there is a new beginning to look forward to – many of us make New Year resolutions and intend to stick to them… Read More »

Sample Happy New Year Email to Employees

There is no better time to reach out to your employees than the New Year. Everyone is in a festive mood, there is a general air of contentment and adding to this happiness may mean the world to an employee. The quickest (and easiest) way of bonding with your employees is by sending them a… Read More »

Happy New Year Letter Sample to Customers

There is nothing better than sharing the holiday cheer with people who have had a major part in ensuring the success of your company – your customers. Writing to them to wish them a Happy New Year will bring you closer to them on a personal level which will eventually help your business on a… Read More »

Sample Happy New Year Letter to Friends

No one deserves a greeting on Christmas and New Year more than a close friend who has been at your side for years. Before the extreme spread of technology (emails and text messages particularly), writing letters was the most popular way of communicating a greeting to someone especially if they lived in another part of… Read More »

Sample New Year Letter to Clients

If you want your business to thrive, you must not let go of any opportunity to maintain your relationship with clients. Whether it is sending them a thank you letter for the business that they have provided you over the years or wishing them Happy New Year, connecting with them whenever the opportunity arises is… Read More »

Sample New Year Letter to Boss

Before the beginning of a new year, you should follow the norm of writing a Happy New Year Letter to your boss. For years people have been somewhat apprehensive writing a greeting of any sort to a boss simply because they do not want to appear too eager. This tradition is not applicable anymore. Your… Read More »