Happy New Year Letter to Residents

By | December 29, 2016

New Year is a happy time, marking the end of the holiday season. This is a time of new year resolutions, parties and in some cases, goodbyes. Take the opportunity to write a letter to your residents along with all the other people you’re sending cards and letters to. After all they deserve it too. A little letter can go a long way.

Unless you hate everything and have no joy to share, you would have to have sweet words to say at the end of the year, and these sweet words mean a lot. Even though they seem trivial and just flowery showy things, these wishes and greetings always make us smile inside. Include them in your letter and be sure to have a great response. Remind your residents not to party too hard, since they will have to pay for the repairs, and do let them know if there is any increment in the rent or any new policies.

This letter is easy to write and you don’t have to put much thought in it. It isn’t a legal or office document but just a courteous greeting on a happy day. However, you’re still the landlord and there must be some degree of distance and officiality. Here’s a sample:


Happy New Year Letter to Residents


December 28, 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Rupert Flint
7273 Lincoln Avenue
Liberty Lake, PA 69383


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Flint,

This letter marks the end of an unforgettable 2016 and the fifth year that you have been staying at 7273 Lincoln Avenue. I hope to enjoy many more years of you staying in this house as I can’t imagine anyone else living there now. I am writing to wish you a very happy new year. A new beginning, a new adventure.

I hope that you and your children are doing well, Richard should be old enough to go to university now, they grow up so fast. I see the little-ones planting new things in the lawn every time I drive by to collect rent. I’m glad they have taken a liking to gardening. I never seem to make anything grow. I will come by around the fifteenth with a crew of workmen and make adjustments to the house as I do every year.

You should know that it’s loyal residents like you that urge me to write letters to all my residents. For if I only send them to you that would hurt my conscience. Once again, the new year is like a fresh blob of clay, ready to be sculpted anyway we want it to be, let’s make it happy and prosperous.




Alan Gondar