Sample Happy New Year Letter to Friends

By | November 26, 2014

No one deserves a greeting on Christmas and New Year more than a close friend who has been at your side for years. Before the extreme spread of technology (emails and text messages particularly), writing letters was the most popular way of communicating a greeting to someone especially if they lived in another part of the country. A Happy New Year letter to your friend will help you reach out to her or give you a reason to contact a friend with whom you have not been in touch for some time.

This letter will be casual in nature as opposed to the one you might write to a coworker. You may have memories to share about holidays that you have spent together or you may want to simply ask about what your friend has been up to in the time you have been out of touch.

Sending in a New Year letter to your friends is an excellent way of getting back in touch with them and breaking the ice that may have developed between you two over the months / years. You can use the following sample to write a great New Year letter to your friend(s).


Happy New Year Letter to Friends (Sample)


Dear Enid:


I am writing to wish you, George and little Holly a very

Happy New Year!!

I pray that 2015 brings in health, happiness and success to your beautiful family.

As the new year has arrived, I cannot help but go back in time and think of all the fun times we had on Christmas and New Year before you moved to Sparks. I miss our girly get-togethers and the awesome time we had on our sleepovers. Life in Reno is not really the same without you and while I do not place blame on you for deciding to move to Sparks, I do feel nostalgic especially during holidays as we spent each moment of our spare time with each other.

I was hoping to travel to Sparks and spend New Year with you but unfortunately, I need to get some work out of the way for which I have to work for ten days after Christmas. Please let me know if you plan to make a trip to Reno any time soon. I am anxious to receive a reply from you.

Look after yourself and enjoy the New Year with full fervor!



Geri Hallevil
52 Brinkby Avenue
Reno, NV 72910
(222) 222-2222
geri @ email . com