Sample Letter of Consent to Use Property

By | November 27, 2014

A letter of consent to use property is written by an individual who wishes to grant permission to another individual or a party to use his property. This letter is written straightforwardly and does not include any restrictions or discussions – if there is need for either of these, it has to be done in a separate document.

In a letter of consent for use of property, you may chart out some details of how your property will be used. This letter will include information of who is leasing the property, what purpose it is being used for and the time frame that it will be used for. Typically, a letter of this sort is issued for the purpose of providing information to government bodies about why a particular property is being leased so that no government restrictions apply on the person who is being given permission to. Letters of consent do not necessarily need to be addressed to a particular body though – you can begin with the standard “to whom it may concern” header.

You could write a letter of consent for any type of property – land, car or house – depending on the individual agreement with the person who is borrowing your property. If it is a house that you are giving consent for, you will need to detail address information in the letter; if it is a car that you are providing consent for, you will need to write details of make, model and year of registration.

The following example will guide you how to write a letter of consent to use property.

Sample Letter of Consent to Use Property

November 27, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

I, Samuel Jackson, residing at 7726 Pilgrimage Drive, Lafayette, LA consent to allow Mr. Jacob Galloway, resident of 6637 Conque Drive, Lafayette, LA to use the below-mentioned property which is also in my name for the purpose of holding his daughter’s wedding celebrations.

110 W Bonaire Drive
Lafayette, LA 62111

Mr. Galloway is at the liberty to use this property from January 22, 2015 to January 30, 2015. It is stipulated that Mr. Galloway is personally known to me and I take full responsibility for the conduct of his guests during the days my premises is in his use. Since there are empty lots on either side of 110 W Bonaire Drive, Mr. Galloway’s celebrations will not interfere with anyone’s privacy. Nonetheless, I can be contacted at (222) 222-2222 if there are any complaints.




Samuel Jackson
7726 Pilgrimage Drive
Lafayette, LA 65221
(222) 222-2222
sameul @ email . com