Recommendation Letter for Babysitting Job

By | February 19, 2017

A recommendation letter is exceptionally important for a candidate, interviewee or a potential employer! Especially, a babysitting recommendation letter, the parents really need to know the past of the person they’re about to hire to take care of their children. The guardian of the child really needs to know what past employers have to say about the babysitter.

To help the employer, make this account really honest, describe the babysitter’s qualities, add in what benefits you got from hiring him/her. The key to writing this letter is keeping it positive. You can explain his/her attributes by using adjectives like attentive, caring, reliable, calm, and so on.

To make it a professional recommendation, you may begin with “to whom it may concern,” but addressing the reader by name, if it’s going to a person you know of.


Recommendation Letter for Babysitting Job


February 19, 2017


To Whom It May Concern

I would like to recommend Patricia Smith as a candidate for a babysitter position with your organization. Patricia has been employed by me as a babysitter for 3 years. She handles infants and older children equally responsibly.

When my son John was 3 years old, my workload was doubled, I needed a helping hand, and Patricia gave in 4 hands of help! Patricia shared my responsibilities with skill and excellent expertise. Not alone a helper of talent, she was a mentor and a guide for John.

My son and I were really devastated and overwhelmed when Patricia had to go away to complete her studies; but I was fine at heart, because I knew that she will be a success and an asset wherever she goes.

Not only is she an excellent help with children, her presence used to calm, and her patient in difficult crises and problems made one of us. She is a certified expert in first-aid, and she is CPR-trained. Patricia was an outstanding cook, and would always screen phone-calls, and would deal equitably with unexpected guests or visitors. The thing that I loved most about her is how she always kept my hyperactive toddler calm and cheerful. She used to indulge him in creative activities; painting, reading, learning, and she would always teach him well-earned, well-learned life-lessons.

By hiring Patricia, you will have your children in good hands. She is a responsible young lady, and in no time, she’ll be as if she is family! If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (000) 747-0123.


Sincere regards,

Naomi Williams