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Car Loan Recommendation Letter Sample

Cars are everywhere! Whether you want a Maserati or a more economical Ford Fiesta, you might consider a loan, even if takes 144 months to pay back. I would back you on the Maserati though; I’d go for it myself, just because I can, back with the right recommendations that is. Along with your pay… Read More »

Sample Recommendation Letter for Friend

Sporadically, a friend, relative, family-member or someone you may know might ask you to right a recommendation or reference letter for him/her. Some especially need recommendation letters if it is their first job, and they have the potential but haven’t had the chance to show word experience that is quintessential. To write such a letter,… Read More »

Recommendation Letter for Babysitting Job

A recommendation letter is exceptionally important for a candidate, interviewee or a potential employer! Especially, a babysitting recommendation letter, the parents really need to know the past of the person they’re about to hire to take care of their children. The guardian of the child really needs to know what past employers have to say… Read More »

Receptionist Recommendation Letter Sample

When you are applying for a receptionist position in an organisation that asks for a letter of recommendation, you can ask a teacher or previous employer to write one for you. Recommendation letters are considered as good social etiquette when introducing an individual in the capacity of receptionist. The letter is written to introduce you to the… Read More »

Sample Letter of Recommendation for Coworker

It is not very often that coworkers are required to write recommendation letters for each other but when they are, the recommendation is usually quite great! In fact, it is the easiest to write a letter of recommendation for someone with whom you have worked for some time. Coworkers know each other well, both professionally… Read More »

Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Coworker Nurse

As a typical “to whom it may concern” letter, recommendation letters hold much weight in the candidate screening process. The point of writing a letter of recommendation for someone is to assist in opening new employment doors for them. You can write recommendations for your colleagues, team members, underlings and even for your boss! For… Read More »

Business Recommendation Letter Sample

A business recommendation letter is written by a person or a company to another individual or organization to recommend a service to them. Business recommendation letters are usually used by companies to add credence to their services. A new client may ask for a business recommendation letter from a company to help him decide whether… Read More »

Character Reference Letter for a Friend

Writing a character reference letter for a friend is a huge responsibility. Character certificates are usually asked by landlords, companies and clubs, so if you have been asked to write one for a friend, you may want to prepare a draft first so that your friend can approve of the content. Granted that character reference… Read More »

Teacher Recommendation Letter to Student

Companies do not only want statistics when they hire personnel – they need to assess candidates’ passions, character and goals before they make important hiring decisions. No one knows more about an individual’s passion or goals than a teacher which is why many companies ask for recommendation letters from teachers so that they can analyze… Read More »

Sample Personal Reference Letter for a Friend

Writing a reference letter for a friend can be an intimidating process as you are actually vouching for someone on a personal level. But you can hardly say no to a friend if she asks you to write a reference letter for her unless of course you have a very strong reason not to write… Read More »

Waiter Recommendation Letter Sample

The first thing that you need to do when leaving your waiter job is to request your employer for a recommendation letter. This document will pave the way for a new waiting or food service position that you may apply for in the future.   The world the way it is, trust issues are a… Read More »

Accounting Assistant Reference Letter Sample

Recommendation letters are a great way of coming across as a favorable candidate for accounting assistant position in front of prospective employers. They provide employers with information on what the candidate has done in the past and what skills were appreciated in a previous role and skills that will help in a future position.  … Read More »